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Black & Coloured Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are not all the same!

And neither are the prices!

ilash 0.5 gramme pots start from only £6.95 per pot compared to over £25.00 and even £35.00 from other suppliers. Why the massive difference? We distribute our products all over the world and as we buy directly from the manufacturers in very high volumes we can pass substantial savings on to our customers. Not only will you be delighted with our prices you will also love our quality. Check out our range of profiles and sizes in our online shop. Please click here to open our shop in a new window.

Numerous customers try our lash extensions and say they are far superior to the brand they were previously using are we surprised? Frankly No! because we source and test all of our products personally to ensure that we only buy the best.

Lashxpert black eyelash extensions are synthetic polyester strands which are available in 5 different thicknesses as well as several different lengths. Why 5 different thicknesses? Using at least 2 thicknesses in any treatment allows eyelash extensionists to achieve the very natural look that most of their clients will desire. There are occasions when your clients will want a more dramatic and flirtatious look this can easily be achieved using a  combination of different lengths, thicknesses and colours. Whilst everyone would want the thickest and longest extensions in some cases due to their own lashes being so fine and or short it would be impossible to use Ultra or Maxi Volume extensions. 
Case contents are measured by weight which is 0.5g per case. This equates to an average contents range of between 2000 and 6000 depending on size and thickness.