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The LashXpert range of eyelash extension products and consumables is distributed worldwide by ABX Beauty Group, a UK owned & operated company which specialises in innovative beauty products distribution and training. The LashXpert product range is supplied to individual customers, national and international distributors who do not require eyelash extension training or who manage their own training requirements.

International customers seeking individual product supply

If you are based outwith the UK and are seeking to purchase eyelash extension products for your own use the Lashxpert range is ideally suited to your needs. Available to buy online, just choose the shipping option for outwith the UK with the exception of kits which have an additional shipping charge. Please call us should you require Kits.

To purchase please first review our product range & go to the Buy Now page or click here 

International customers seeking product supply for regional or national distribution

Due to greatly increasing global demand for premium quality eyelash extension products the LashXpert product range is now available for regional and national distribution agreements. The initial minimum stocking packages start at only UKĀ£1000 plus shipping and offer an ideal start for proactive entrepreneurs and companies seeking to share in the fantastic growth and profit opportunities this treatment and product range offers. If you are interested in finding out more about distributing LashXpert products in your region or country please contact us via the international enquiry link below.

Own label

The Lashxpert range is also supplied as own label. This allows customers to market their own eyelash extension brand knowing that there are no problems with product quality and delivery times. Lashxpert products are sourced from several countries and numerous suppliers within those countries. If you are interested in marketing your own brand we can supply unbranded products or for a set up fee we can label product with your own brand names etc in any language.  

Distributor Training?

Please note that if you have no experience of the eyelash extension treatment then we strongly advise that at least one member of your staff undertakes our recognised training course. This allows you to fully understand the techniques and methods used and allows you to offer credible and professional advice to your customers. The Lashxpert training course is offered at various locations in the UK and may also be available in your own country by special arrangement.

International distribution contact

Please click on this link to access the INTERNATIONAL ENQUIRY  form providing as much relevant information as you can.